James Badge Dale To Play Hyper Lame Cyborg Coldblood In IRON MAN 3

Excuse me while I say WTF.

James Badge Dale, who was recently quite good in Shame and The Grey, has joined the cast of Iron Man 3. That's good news! His role, though, is a complete batch of WTF-ness that fascinates me. He's playing a guy named Eric Savin who became the cyborg character Coldblood, part of the wave of idiotic wave of guys with guns and glowing eyes that became so popular in the 90s. 

He's actually a super obscure character who never quite took off. One of his appearances had him working for Roxxon Oil, which ties into my theory that Kingsley might be playing Aleksander Lukin, head of Roxxon - and a pivotal modern-era Captain America villain.

Coldblood (if he's even using that name in the movie) is likely to be the physical bad guy in Iron Man 3, the actual dude who punches Iron Man in the face while Ben Kingsley pulls the strings. The film is supposedly loosely based on Warren Ellis' Extremis story, and if that's the case Coldblood could be taking the role of "Mallen" from that story, a guy who gets injected with the Extremis nanovirus and gets superpowers. So maybe Coldblood is less straight cyborg and more nano in this case? In the comic Mallen was an anti-government extremist, while Coldblood was a soldier before going glowy-eyed after stepping on a landmine. I imagine they'll combine the origins.

Still, why even go to THAT character? I'm honestly kind of baffled by his inclusion.