Support A Documentary About The New Beverly Cinema!

Julia Marchese is making a movie about the New Bev and the importance of 35mm film... and she needs your help.

If you're a film nerd The New Beverly Cinema is a legendary place for you. It's the historic revival house that still plays double features for 8 bucks, that has hosted series curated by the likes of Edgar Wright, Joe Dante and Quentin Tarantino, and is generally one of the best places to see a movie in these United States.

Julia Marchese has been the face of the New Bev for the last few years, and recently she's started getting into film activism. The New Bev shows 35mm film prints, and they're getting harder to secure, so Julie has been behind a huge campaign to save 35. That campaign has led her to this - Out of Print, a documentary that will attempt to explain why 35mm is so important, and why the New Beverly Cinema is one of the cultural landmarks for film lovers. Nobody is better positioned to make that movie.

She's raising funds for it through Kickstarter. You can click here to get involved. Below is her video pitch.