Our Daily Trailer: CLUE

BATTLESHIP isn't the first movie based on a board game (or the best).

Clue should be better than it is. What a cast! Eileen Brennan as Mrs. Peacock! Madeline Khan as Mrs. White! Christopher Lloyd as Professor Plum! Michael McKean as Mr. Green! Martin Mull as Colonel Mustard! Leslie Anne Warren (looking the hottest EVER) as Miss Scarlet! Tim Curry as the butler! Lee fucking Ving as the body!

And the movie is okay, but it's nowhere near as good as it should have been. Maybe it's because of director Jonathan Lynn, who is serviceable but no genius (The Distinguished Gentleman is his best movie and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise). Maybe it's because the schtick overwhelms the actual comedy. Maybe it's because the movie came out in 1985, and the culture was feeling sort of fatigued.

The film is probably best remembered for having four different endings, which changed depending on where and when you saw it. I've always loved that particular gimmick, but it didn't really do much for the film's box office, despite encouraging repeat viewings.