The Meshuggenorcist: Trailer For THE POSSESSION

Sam Raimi's Ghost House thinks demon possession isn't just for goys.

I love this trailer. I mean, it's yet another exorcism movie - which has become an inexplicably popular genre of late - but it has a unique* spin. It's Jewish!

Here are some of the things I like in the trailer: the clinking of the fork setting the pace for the middle of the trailer, all the rabbis, Jeffrey Dean Morgan reading the Torah, the MRI scan and, most of all, that last shot. It's awesome! 

Sam Raimi's Ghost House produced this, so you know there should be some element of batshit insanity along the way (which that last shot really hints at). And it's the first time in forever that dybbuk will be heard in a mainstream movie theater, which is pretty cool. 

By the way, the poster for this one is fucking awesome as well.

Well, besides The Unborn