Bill Murray Transforms In The HYDE PARK ON HUDSON Trailer

Bill turns into Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the trailer for this awards baiting bit of history.

I have read that when FDR's corpse was found he had a blonde pube on him. He wasn't blonde. All the best presidents cheat.

And that seems to be part of what's going on in Hyde Park on Hudson. Set just before the outbreak of WWII, the film has the King and Queen of England making their first visit to the United States and being received at FDR's home in upstate New York*; cultures clash, unlikely friendships form, everybody has the best summer of their lives before returning to school. Actually, I may be getting my movie formulas mixed up, but you know what I'm saying.

Central to the film is the relationship between FDR and his distant cousin Daisy. They were best friends and lovers, which I assume complicates the entire situation. Laura Linney is Daisy and Bill Murray, almost totally disappearing into the character, is FDR. I was wondering what Murray's take on the president would be, and I'm hugely surprised and impressed by what we see in this trailer. If I were just listening to it I would never guess Bill Murray was in the film.

* I used to live near Hyde Park, and there's a big sign outside of town announcing it as FDR's home. The sign has a silhouette of FDR with a cigarette holder in his mouth. He looks like The Penguin.