John Woo To Remake John Woo’s THE KILLER

Woo is producing the English-language remake of his 1989 film.

John Woo is producing, with the help of Bruno Wu and Lion Rock partner Terence Chang, an English-language remake of his 1989 action flick The Killer. The remake will be directed by John H. Lee, the writer/director of Sayonara Itsuka, The Cut Runs Deep, 71: Into the Fire and A Moment to Remember, which was the most successful Korean film ever made in Japan.

While I don't know that an English-language retelling of The Killer is strictly necessary, Woo thinks so: 

“THE KILLER” is one of my most beloved projects. I have wanted to make an English-language remake and thrilled to have John H. Lee on board to make that happen. Lee brings a perfect blend of emotion and stunning visuals to his films and I have supreme confidence he’ll bring this story to a new generation and do it justice.

What do we think about this, folks? Woo hasn't exactly been relevant of late, but The Killer is the director at his best. Is Woo just about to crap all over his glory days? I haven't seen any of the films Lee's directed so I can't speak to his talent.

Thanks to @fernandoojeda for the link!