Los Angeles: See CHERNOBYL DIARIES For Free!

We have passes for a screening on May 24th.

Chernobyl Diaries is the latest found footage flick from foung footage flogger Oren Peli (he produced; ex-Digital Domain guy Brad Parker directed), and it opens next Friday. We have seats up for grabs at a screening on Thursday, May 24th at 9pm, at the AMC Century City. Getting yourself into this screening is pretty easy - just hit Gofobo and enter the code W8GR0FKA. First come, first served, etc. You gotta be 17 because this is R-rated.

The premise has a bunch of Western tourists visiting the area surrounding the melted down nuclear reactor at Chernobyl. It turns out something scary is living there, and it kills them off one by one (I'm assuming, I haven't seen it). The area around Chernobyl is, in real life, monster-free but totally fascinating. I highly recommend the Vice Guide To Travel episode about it.