Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER: The Teaser Trailer

Oh, wow.

Above is a teaser for Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, a fictionalized account of the story of L Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. The teaser is not so much a collection of scenes or images as it is a vignette, with Joaquin Phoenix as a sailor getting a psychological evaluation (weirdly this is exactly how the Skyfall teaser begins). It's gorgeous, and the style feels all PTA.

I'm intrigued that this is what we see. Scientology grew post-WWII, and it has a strange and pervasive naval theme. Anderson is hitting these elements early in the marketing. And he's not showing us Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Master himself. I think we may have to get a couple of levels clear before we're given that privilege.

In the meantime I've watched this gorgeous, evocative teaser three times and I'm sure I'll watch it a couple times more today.