Sony 4K and Badass Digest Present: Filmmaking Frenzy Commander-in-Chief: Ultimate Badass Contest!

Win a Sony HD professional camera and have your film played at Alamo Drafthouse theaters nationwide!

This summer we learn the secret truth behind our 16th president in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. That got us thinking - what if our other presidents also had secret histories? What if they were also badasses behind the scenes? And what if they got their own movie?

Thus was born Commander-in-Chief: Ultimate Badass, the new Filmmaking Frenzy contest. The Frenzy has been a staple of the Alamo Drafthouse for years, but now we're moving it over here where it will live and grow and blossom. The gist of it is this: 

Pick a president.

Pick an occupation (from our list of provided occupations below).

Make a parody trailer.



Actually, ??? can be translated into this: upload the video (according to our guidelines) to the Filmmaking Frenzy site, where it will be at the mercy of the mob. Get your friends, relatives and enemies to like the entry using Facebook, and we'll judge the winner from the top five vote-getters. The top five vote-getters will also have the honor of their short playing in front of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter at every Alamo Drafthouse theater.

And the winner? We'll be awarding the winner a sweet Sony HD pro camera, as well as a copy of Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 editing software. The runner up will win a Sony Bloggie recorder, all thanks to our awesome partners at Sony 4K.

A note: we're history buffs, so we'll be giving extra points for shorts that come from people who know their subjects. Do a little research on the president you choose!

As for the alternative occupations - here's the master list. 

Getaway Driver
Secret Agent
Starship Pilot
Mad Scientist
Rodeo Clown
Stand Up Comedian
Pirate Captain
Ninja Assassin
Shark Hunter
Demon Knight
Psycho Lumberjack
Disco Star
Tornado Chaser
Bank Robber
Indie Rock Hipster
All Star Gigolo
Original Gangster
Drug Kingpin
Dog Whisperer
Archaeological Adventurer
Dinosaur Wrangler
Wasteland Warlord
Kaiju Killer
Ape Lord
Ghost Buster
Noir Detective
Urban Vigilante
Taxi Driver
WWI Fighter Ace
Cock Fighter
Alien Infiltrator
Genie of the Lamp
Herald of C’thulu
Apache Chief
Card Sharp
Witch Finder
Sasquatch Trainer

Synapses firing? Imagination primed? Click here for all the rules and regulations. Your entry must be submitted by 11:59pm June 18th to be eligible. Get working!

UPDATE: We've finalized the grand prize camera! It's the Sony HVR-A1U 1080i, a $2,750 camera. Read all about it here!