Uh Oh Joe - GI JOE: RETALIATION Suddenly Pushed Back To 2013

To be post-converted to 3D. This is not a good sign.

I have loved all of the marketing materials for GI Joe: Retaliation so far, but that love may have been misplaced. The movie, which was scheduled to open in just one month, has been suddenly pulled from Paramount's release schedule and shoved back to March 2013 - supposedly in order to post-convert it to 3D (but the smart money says they'll be reshooting the shit out of the movie). 

That's enormously terrible news. It means that Paramount has less than zero confidence in the movie. Like, at all. As in they don't think they can even begin to open the movie, so they're going to do some shitty post-conversion work and try to get a 3D bump out of it. But it's a drastic move, one that puts the stink of failure all over the film. I mean, the movie was supposed to come out June 29th! Theaters have probably begun preparing to book it. The studio has already started all this marketing, I'm sure there are ancillary tie-ins ready to go (will there still be GI Joe Slurpees and shit in June? Is it too late to pull that back? What about the toys?), and then they simply pull the plug. 

This movie must be a disaster.

And so here ends the GI Joe live action franchise...