Worlds Collide with Korean Léon in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

Check out music videos from Norazo, Get People and Woodkid in this week's Holy Hunter.

Kooky Korean duo Norazo have garnered quite the following in the K-pop world for their tomfoolery, so it’ll only come as a surprise to some that they’ve taken the shape of Leone and Mathilda in the video for “Woman Person.” You should also know that it was written by an eight-year old elementary school boy. That explains less about the beard of ants and more about the romper room alteration of certain formerly violent acts. Instead of hitmen, the pair portrays cupid himself. And with a leggy brunette in their crosshairs, they ready aim fire! heart-shaped ammo her way.

I’ll echo the folks over at Record Stache’s down pat description of the Michael H. Smith-directed video for Get People’s “Something Better” as “synesthetic.” In the animated rendition of their forthcoming EP’s title track you can truly pick your eighties enthused, synth-driven poison: kaleidoscope views of curious humanoid creatures versus the eerie vocal distortion that, via headphones, makes me feel like I’m listening in a helmet made of the same material as a fast-food playground tunnel.

In my grumble [sic] opinion, Yoann Lemoine’s unmistakable visual style works best when applied to his own musical endeavors. And under the moniker Woodkid he’s once again treated us to an entire aisle of eye candy with the sixties Sendak favorite as impetus video for “Run Boy Run.” In one frankly mildewed word, epic.