Movie About Video Games To Be Distributed Through Video Game Service

INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE is coming to Steam.

Steam, the online digital distribution system from Valve, is one of the best ways for computer gamers to get content. It's incredibly successful and a core aspect of modern gaming. And now it's moving into motion pictures by digitally distributing Indie Game: The Movie.

A documentary about three indie game developers (I reviewed it out of SXSW), Indie Game: The Movie will obviously appeal to hardcore gamers, many of whom see themselves as future game creators. Putting the film on Steam feels brilliant; even though PS3 and Xbox users can rent and purchase movies through their consoles, the selection is crowded and it's tough for a very game-centric movie to stand out. As the only movie on Steam, Indie Game: The Movie should get a lot of eyeballs. 

Indie Game: The Movie will begin streaming on June 15th. Click here to check out Steam.