Watch Quentin Dupieux’s WRONG COPS Chapter One That Premiered At Cannes Today

The 14-minute short starring Marilyn Manson premiered at Cannes today, and you can already watch it because SCIENCE!

Quentin Dupieux, the director of Rubber and Wrong, premiered his 14-minute short Wrong Cops Chapter One as part of the Cannes' Directors Fortnight Section today, and he made it available online at the same time. The film stars Marilyn Manson as not a retarded prostitute and Mark Burnham as the titular wrong cop, who peddles weed-stuffed dead rats to street teens for money and blow jobs. 

Wrong Cops will eventually be a ninety minute feature once, presumably, all of the chapters are in place. Dupieux's website hastens to assure us that Wrong Cops "is not a sequel to 'Wrong.' Quentin Dupieux is just lazy with titles." 

Wrong Cops Chapter One offers the same sort of absurd audacity as Rubber and Wrong, a purely Dupieux note that I can never quite decide if I enjoy or not. I do know that I feel compelled to watch everything he makes, however, and Wrong Cops is no different. Check it out.