L.A.! See THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE With BC Tonight At The New Bev!

The first 35mm screening of Rolfe Kanefsky's cult favorite in twenty years!

Fans of 35mm did the superior format a big solid this week, pledging enough to Kickstarter to fully fund (and then some) a documentary titled Out Of Print that will cover not only the ongoing battle to preserve 35mm as studios have begun phasing out the format in favor of inferior digital copies, but also the New Beverly Cinema, one of LA's few remaining 35mm theaters and also, in my opinion, the GREATEST PLACE IN THE WORLD (all due respect to the Alamo).

And that makes tonight's screening all the more special, as I host the first 35mm screening of Rolfe Kanefsky's cult favorite There's Nothing Out There in 20 years! Shot on 16 and blown up to 35 for theatrical play in early 1992, the film has only played off of DVDs and the like over the past two decades, but I had them dig out the print and ship it (from Troma!) to L.A. for this occasion. Because fuck DVD screenings.

The film was released years before Scream, but contains the same sort of meta/referential humor that Craven's film was much lauded for. However it's not a slasher; the film has more of an Evil Dead vibe, depicting a group of pals driving to an isolated cabin in the woods (the timing of this screening is not coincidental) and being besieged by a frog like monster. Cliches are mocked and then embraced, the female characters disrobe for comedic pleasure, and we finally learn the difference between a cabin by the lake and a house by the pond. And the boom mike makes the best cameo in film history.

The screening is tonight, Saturday May 26th, at 11:59pm. Kanefsky will be on hand for a Q&A before the movie, and we will have some raffle prizes as well. Tickets are 8 bucks cash at the door, or if you're quick you can buy online HERE and save yourself a trip to the ATM (then again, concessions are the cheapest in town and also cash only, so bring cash, dammit!). The New Beverly is located at 7165 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles (90036), two blocks west of La Brea. Street parking is plentiful (Formosa is usually the best bet) and again the Q&A will be before the movie so get there on time! Viva la 35mm!