Skydive Horror! Jump Goes Wrong For 80 Year Old Lady

I feel like I could write headlines for the tabloids!

I've never seriously considered sky diving. There's a lot I'll try, but jumping out of a plane seems like it would be outside of my ability. I'm scared of flying, which is actually more accurately a fear of hitting the ground from very far up - which you're guaranteed to do when sky diving.

Of course the premise is that you're safe doing it, and that the thin layer of nylon parachute (are they still nylon? My information about parachutes comes largely from WWII movies) slows you down enough to make a terrifying death descent into a thrilling adventure. Supposedly. That wasn't what happened for this lady; at 80 she decided she wanted to go skydiving... right up until the moment she decided she didn't want to do it anymore. As you can see from the video her tandem jump instructor fights with her, attempting to forcibly dislodge her hands from the door of the plane. When that doesn't work he jumps out anyway, dragging her with him.

According to the comments on the article (again, my knowledge of parachuting comes from WWII movies, so I'm trusting these anonymous net experts) that action actually took her out of her harnass, forcing the instructor to grab a hold of her to keep her from plunging to her death. That looks pretty fucking scary.

The best part of this video is the fact that this is the woman's souvenier video, made by the sky diving place where she was almost killed. And that it's scored to Offspring, although maybe that was her music choice.