Trailer For Cannes Smash HOLY MOTORS

Leos Carax is back with a film many felt was the best of the festival.

All the film critics I know at Cannes were outraged that Leos Carax' latest film, Holy Motors, didn't win big at Cannes. It was the festival favorite of many, but the jury went with stuff that appears more staid and filled with social realism. 

You know Carax from Pola X, which is also his last film - from way back in 1999. The experimental, scandalous nature of that film appears to be have returned in Holy Motors. Denis Lavant is reteaming with Carax for the first time since 1991's The Lovers on the Bridge (I think), which makes the film an event in itself. But apparently it's excellent, and the trailer certainly gets me excited with its strange and unique beauty. Indomina picked it up at the festival, which means it'll probably end up VOD in the US.