Anne Hathaway Is Sad In The LES MISERABLES Trailer

I am probably going to cry through this whole movie, dammit.

The first trailer for Tom Hooper's adaptation of Les Miserables is here, and it features Anne Hathaway, head shorn, crying her way through I Dreamed A Dream. The footage looks incredible - beautiful, gritty, exciting. The singing... well, Hathaway's a pretty good singer, although I don't know that she's quite up to the level of some past Fantines - she's no Lea Salonga, who played Fantine in the 2007 revival (after having played Eponine in the past). I'm not wild about the sound of the song - the vocals are mixed weird for me, and it sounds like she's too close to the mic or something. 

But I'm sort of nitpicking. Hooper shot the musical with live sound - ie, she's really singing there, not lip synching to something recorded in optimal conditions - so expect things to get a touch ragged now and again. I suspect he's going for the emotional honesty rather than slick perfection. In that case, success - Hathaway isn't singing note perfect, but she's getting across every bit of Fantine's crushing despair.

Crushing despair! In a movie trailer! And you thought the Batman films were dark and gritty. You ain't seen nothing yet.