Where’s Your God Now: Toddler Sings “AIn’t No Homos In Heaven”

Let's ruin your day with some intolerance and hate from children.

Indoctrination. It's a helluva thing; a young child, innocent and pure, grows up in an atmosphere of hate and thus is indoctrinated into hate. A toddler only knows what it sees around itself, and in the case of this young singer what it sees is hate.

What's more disturbing than the kid singing "Ain't no homos in heaven" is the rapturous applause from the adults in the room, the people to whom this kid looks for guidance. They're telling him that yes, hating gays is good - better than good, it's an incredibly laudable thing. 

These people are the heart of the anti-gay perspective, the people who want to keep humans from marrying humans. And they're breeding.