That Time Bill Murray Played The Fantastic Four’s Human Torch

In 1975 young Bill Murray played Johnny Storm in a Fantastic Four radio show!

What superhero would you like Bill Murray to play? In the unlikely event you said The Human Torch, you're in luck - back in 1975 Murray played the character in a serialized Fantastic Four radio drama narrated by Stan Lee himself.

This was right at the dusk of radio plays - popular movies like Star Wars would still get adapted, but the form was dying - and the show only lasted 10 episodes. They're essentially exact adaptations of the early run of Stan Lee/Jack Kirby comics. Murray had just moved to New York City from Chicago and was also doing The National Lampoon Radio Hour; later that year he would appear on the short-lived Saturday Night LIve With Howard Cosell, and just a year later he would replace Chevy Chase on Saturday Night. The rest, as they say, is history.

You can listen to all ten episodes here.