Drafthouse Films’ THE FP Gets A New Video Game!

And it's ridiculous!

Just in time for the June 19th DVD and Blu-ray release of THE FP (which you can pre-order here), Drafthouse Films announces its first interactive iPhone game which is now available for free in the iTunes App Store.

Harking back to the Sega Genesis movie-to-game adaptations of the early '90s, 'The FP: The Game' takes you inside the rural wasteland of 'Fraizer Park' where a ruthless, underground turf war is raging between two clans: The 248 from the North and 245 from the South. Battle in the deadly arena of “Beat-Beat Revelation,” an ancient dance video game, and climb your way to the top to defeat evil clan leader L Dubba E and his trash-talkin’ gang of thugs! You’re the last of 248 - and now its time to Beat-Beat this town right again!

A free 3-track MP3 soundtrack sampler to the music featured in the game, can be downloaded for free here