JUSTICE LEAGUE, Take Two: WB Hires New Writer

The studio takes another leap at a superhero team-up movie.

As The Avengers comfortably settles into the #3 all-time international box office champ (unadjusted) position, Warner Bros has begun to rumble and stir. The studio has hired a writer to develop a Justice League script for them, although a timeline for the movie's production is yet unknown. Will Beall is the writer, a guy who works on the TV show Castle and who wrote the upcoming Gangster Squad (the buzz surrounding which depresses me). 

And that's what we know. Let's get to speculatin'!

Warner Bros will be doing this backwards compared to how Marvel pulled it off; instead of creating franchises to build into this movie, the studio will be launching it pretty much cold. Christopher Nolan's Batman will not be in the film, although it's plausible that Zack Snyder's Superman will be on the team. I would count Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern out for sure. The studio would obviously hope that whoever is on the team will spin out into their own films, a more traditional - and in the post-Avengers world, sort of boring - way to do it.

Still, this could be the only way we'll get a Flash or Wonder Woman on movie screens, as Warner Bros seems to be utterly incapable of doing anything good with their non-Batman DC characters. 

The worst part of The Avengers was the 'getting the team together' stuff, and that came with the benefit of the characters all having been previously introduced. Would most of a Justice League movie be just introducing us to the heroes? And more importantly, would DC use the big guns or would they try to fill out the ranks with lesser-known characters as they continue the sisyphean task of developing individual franchises?

Warner Bros was very close to stealing Marvel's thunder - they pulled the plug on George Miller's version at the last minute. Can they now keep up with the superhero juggernaut? And is a Justice League movie the way to do it?