Our Daily Trailer: ALIENS

James Cameron's sequel to Ridley Scott's masterpiece takes a very different direction - and it's reflected in a very different trailer.

I think that trailer kind of stinks. 

Setting aside any feelings I have about Aliens as a sequel to Alien, this trailer is kind of an overcaffeinated mess, without a through line, with jumbled imagery and without any of the sense of atmosphere that permeated the incredible Alien trailer we ran yesterday. 

To me that reflects the film. James Cameron set a precedent for the franchise: each film was going to be very much its own thing. His Aliens would leave behind the scares, the tension, the character realism and the elegance of Alien and go for the prevailing Vietnam imagery of the day, combined with breathless 80s action. As a movie on its own Aliens is fine, but I've always had a hard time reconciling it as a sequel to Alien. I also think that Aliens breaks the franchise irrevocably; in the first film one xenomorph is actually impossible to kill, but in Aliens they get mowed down like cannon fodder. The mystique of the xenomorphs is ruined, turning them into a horde animal.