Watch Ken Marino’s BURNING LOVE Web Series

Marino plays a simple fireman looking for love in a mansion filled with beautiful women vying for his heart.

During the Childrens Hospital marathon at ATX Fest this weekend, Ken Marino showed a couple episodes of his new web series Burning Love, which premiered on Yahoo yesterday. Marino plays Mark Orlando, a fireman looking for love in a The Bachelor-style setting, and Malin Akerman, Kristen Bell, June Diane Raphael, Carla Gallo, a bewigged Ken Jeong, some old lady, a pregnant woman, the voice of an awesome cameo coming from a panda suit and others vie for his heart. The show is hosted by Michael Ian Black, the previous contestant is Ben Stiller (who settled on real life wife Christine Taylor), Adam Scott is Mark's therapist and I imagine more guest appearances are likely from Marino's many connections on The State, Party Down and Childrens Hospital. Watch the first episode below.

The episodes I've seen are very, very funny, and they're only eight minutes long. You can check out two more episodes - and all future installments, as well as video bios of the contestants and other supplemental fun - here. New episodes will air on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Who are we rooting for here, folks? I'm voting on Willow (the homeless one) or Haley (the slut). Although I could watch Kristen Bell pretend to be a Jesus zealot any day of the week.

Also, I just love when June Diane Raphael says and does anything. "I may be damaged goods...but I'm still goods!"

Oh, they're all pretty great! Meet Lexie, the psycho.

But ultimately I believe I'm Team Agnes.