Trailer For FLIGHT, Robert Zemeckis’ Return To Live Action

And now a whole movie in two minutes...

Robert Zemeckis has left behind his beloved mocap process to do some live action filmmaking with Flight, starring Denzel Washington. As the trailer spells out in significant detail, Denzel is a pilot who manages to save a plane filled with passengers in a harrowing crash landing - but it turns out he had booze in his system when he did it. I doubt the movie is taking a pro-drunk flying stance, so I'm assuming all sorts of drama play out from this. Actually, I'm not assuming - all of the drama is in the trailer.

Zemeckis is famous for having trailers that give everything away (his previous plane crash opus, Castaway, had a trailer that showed Tom Hanks getting off the island), so I'm assuming we've seen every single beat of Flight in the trailer. It's a pretty packed trailer, and I got disoriented when Walter Sobchak suddenly showed up, but it's all cool.