TV Talk: GIRLS 1.08 “Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too”

The terrific title of this episode sums it right up.

Sarah returns to the TV Talk fold next week, but in the meantime, thanks for joining the conversation in the comments! Last week Hannah learned her first bit of real information about Adam, and we learned that the reason she didn't know anything about him is that she'd never bothered to ask. 

This week, we see what it's like when you finally nail down that elusive weirdo and make him your boyfriend. And the result is, well, weird, but it's also rather wonderful. Adam and Hannah make a great couple! He's still sometimes the worst, but also a little bit the best. And Hannah shines around him. They are happy and adorable and honest and oh so very weird. Okay, he peed on her in the shower and thought it was hilarious, and that is dramatically not okay. Gentlemen of the world: it is not funny to pee on your girlfriend. Ever! If she wants you to pee on her, that's cool, but it's still not funny. If she doesn't want you to pee on her, don't fucking do it. I don't care if you're in the shower. Don't do it! Not that I honestly think you would, because you're probably not as weird as Adam. 

But we also see Adam is kind of great in a two-man show, and we see him feel guilty for yelling at a driver like a maniac, and we see him and Hannah in matching onesies, and we see how sweet and incredibly fun he can be. We see that, despite Hannah's insistence that he's terrible at apologizing, he's actually tremendous at it. We also see that Hannah is a supportive and fun and spontaneous girlfriend. We see her give great advice, and we see Adam take it. We see great things from this couple, now that they're determined to be a couple. What a delightfully shocking reveal from Girls! I love how unpredictable this show is. Who would have thought, after the first few episodes, that we'd be rooting for this couple? But it's true: weirdos need girlfriends, too. And Hannah is the perfect weirdo's girlfriend. 

It does seem, however, that Hannah is One Of Those People: she ditches her friends when she's in a happy relationship. So poor Marnie is left alone to pore over Facebook pictures of Charlie's trip to Rome with Tiny Navajo while trying to ignore Hannah and Adam's weird sex through the walls. Fortunately, Adam is kind enough to not diminish Marnie's pain the way Hannah does. Unfortunately, he poops and drinks milk simultaneously without locking the bathroom door. 

Which leaves the responsibility of cheering up Marnie to Jessa, who is actually rather perfect at it. She does precisely what a friend should do if you're wallowing in break-up misery: she repeatedly calls Marnie beautiful and Tiny Navajo less beautiful, and she looks at the Rome pictures just long enough to convince Marnie to dress up and go out. They have a great time over drinks, and then she makes out with Marnie when Marnie randomly decides some phony lesbianism will help her cut loose. And she saves Marnie from a total creep disguised as the adorable Chris O'Dowd!

I really enjoyed watching Jessa and Marnie interact one on one. These two have always seemed the least close of the girls, and I do think Jessa's wild bluster is precisely what Marnie needs. And it works! They make out a little, and that's silly, but it helps Marnie feel like she did something adventurous for once. And I love Jessa's "why not?" laugh before going for it. I have a feeling this nutty little girls' night out will give Marnie the ammunition to sack up and move on. Also, Marnie's virginity story is the best. Candles and a towel on the bed? This girl deserves to have some unexpected fun.

I adore Jessa. Can we talk about how great it is that she was excited when she thought the drinks were coming from that old man instead of Chris O'Dowd? She is the best. I also love the casual way she and Marnie bitch about Hannah; it's harmless and it makes them feel better about how much Hannah's been flaking on them lately. "But sex without breasts is creepy." "That's what I keep trying to tell Hannah." "That's true! Her breasts are teentsy." "They're teentsy! I love them."

This is the second episode directed by Jody Lee Lipes, who also directed last week's ep, and I think she has a perfect handle on the material. The past two episodes have been my favorite yet - and saying that about this episode is significant, considering there was no Shoshanna anywhere to be found! The other three ladies really brought their A-games, as did Adam. But next week had better be seriously Shosh-heavy, or I will be angry. Agreed, Sarah?