Incredibly Good News: Stephen King’s IT To Become Duology Directed By Cary Fukunaga

The director of SIN NOMBRE and JANE EYRE to bring King's decade-spanning magnum opus to the screen in two films.

Stephen King's It has already been adapted once, as a pretty not-good ABC miniseries (it was good at the time, and then we grew up). TV was just the wrong medium for a book that ends with 

SPOILERS!!!! a bunch of 13 year olds running a train on their only girl friend END SPOILERS!!!!!!!

But it always seemed like movies were wrong as well; King's novel is long and, for once, it feels like it needs to be long. Half the book takes place in the modern day (the 80s, at the time) and the other half takes place in the 50s. In each half the same characters deal with a series of terrifying events in the town of Derry, events that are connected through the decades. The book is as much about the town of Derry and the feeling of being a child as well as well the feeling of being that child all grown up as it is about evil clowns and child murders and monsters. To trim the excess stuff from It would be take out what makes It work.

Now the book is being adapted for the big screen, where it belongs... but as two movies, giving the story room to spread out. And if that isn't good enough news, Warner Bros has gone ahead and hired a real, serious, good filmmaker: Cary Fukunaga, who previously directed the excellent Sin Nombre and the gorgeous Jane Eyre (featuring Michael Fassbender). 

The perfection of this is staggering. Sin Nombre was a movie that dealt with young people in a smart, naturalistic way, while Jane Eyre was drenched in Gothic atmosphere and spookiness. Fukunaga is not a guy I would have thought of for It, but that's part of what makes his hiring so damn brilliant. He'll be co-writing the sprawling script with Chase Palmer, who did a draft of the unproduced Dune at Paramount.

Be happy, Stephen King fans. This is the first time in a long time that a Stephen King movie might be legitimately great.