Lovely Animated Young Adult Books From MOONRISE KINGDOM!

Six animated excerpts from the fictional young adult books that appear in MOONRISE KINGDOM... hosted by Bob Balaban!

In Moonrise Kingdom, young heroine Suzy carries around a case filled with young adult books. During the course of the movie she reads some of them to her love, Sam. Originally Wes Anderson had considered slipping away to animated versions of the stories during these moments, but he opted to just stay with the actors instead.

But the idea stuck with him, and was resurrected as this delightful promotional short. Each of the film's six books gets a short animation, each in the style of the artist Anderson hired to create the fake book covers. The books range from The Francine Oddyseys to The Girl From Jupiter to Disappearance of the 6th Grade. There are no spoilers in here, so if you haven't seen the movie this is a completely safe experience. If you HAVE seen the movie, this will be a wonderful continuation of a magical experience.

Click here to watch.