Our Daily Trailer: ALIEN 3

David Fincher blows it in his feature debut.

Yesterday's trailer was for Aliens, and it was a horrible trailer for a pretty good movie. Today we have Alien 3, and this is a very good trailer for a very bad movie. 

Make no mistake: Alien 3 is bad. In all forms. I sat down with it when I got the gorgeous Alien Anthology Blu set and the film is just this side of unwatchable in either director's cut or theatrical cut. It's just mistake after mistake. I understand completely why Fincher has distanced himself from the film. The bummer is that there's a kernel of something interesting in here, and there are moments that work. I like how the movie ruthlessly tries to unwrite Aliens. I like the concept of Ripley being impregnated by the xenomorph. I like all the bald guys.  But as a whole, Alien 3 stinks.