Start Getting Excited: First Image From PACIFIC RIM

A look at Idris Elba in Guillermo del Toro's giant monsters vs giant robots movie.

It's probably not too healthy to get over-excited about movies in advance (a certain movie opening this weekend being the case in point), but I can't help it sometimes. Every now and again you get a perfect director on a perfect project and your internal nerd circuits just overload. That movie for me in 2013 is Pacific Rim, which finds Guillermo del Toro pitting giant mechs against giant monsters for the fate of humanity.

In the months to come we're going to see some amazing things from this movie, and this initial picture is a good place to start. Small, human, cool - it's Idris Elba in his monster fighting suit. It's pretty cool, but it's nothing compared to some of the other designs that will be slowly unleashed in the coming months. I'm hoping that we get a cool look at the movie at Comic Con next month. And I'm excited to begin sharing things with you guys when I'm allowed to. Just know that if this movie works it's going to be THE nerd movie event of 2013. Hands down.