WORLD WAR Z Is A Huge Disaster; Damon Lindelof Brought In To Do Massive Rewrites

The film is in so much trouble they have him rewriting THE ENDING. 

World War Z, Paramount's adaptation of Max Brooks' novel that helped kick off the oversaturation of zombies in our culture, has been long in trouble. The movie shot last year but was pushed back by the studio so that a whopping SEVEN WEEKS of reshoots could be done. There are whole movies that shoot in less time than that.

But the surest sign of trouble is that Paramount has hired a new writer to work on the movie, with a focus on the third act - ie, the ending. And that writer is Damon Lindelof who, between Lost and Prometheus, has solidified himself as King of the Whiffed Ending. I mean, how crummy must the ending of the movie be right now if this is the guy they're bringing on board?

Paramount's having a tough year. World War Z and GI Joe: Retaliation were both supposed to open this year, and both are so bad that the studio has pulled them back for major surgery. Maybe instead of trying to meet predetermined dates you should be trying to develop your movies until they're good?

According to The Hollywood Reporter director Marc Forster will be on these reshoots. But then again the official word is that John Chu is going to be on the GI Joe: Retaliation reshoots, and while I am sure both men will be on set, it's hard to believe they'll be allowed to keep screwing the movies up in costly overtime.