Comic Book Industry Still Trying To Hit Bottom With Portrayal Of Women

The cover of CATWOMAN #0 is an embarrassment.

Superhero comics have always been gross in the way they portray women, but this cover for Catwoman #0 (a special event comic being published by DC Comics this fall) is the grossest thing since... well, since DC Comics turned Starfire into a rape doll during the New 52 reboot

The image on the cover of this comic indicates that editorial couldn't decide which sort of cleavage - boob or butt - they wanted, so they asked for it all. Anatomy be damned. What they ended up with is a woman contorted in a position that is physically impossible for humans with bones, and a cover that must outrage any decent human being. This is sub-Maxim stuff here.

I don't mind women being sexualized. I think people of both sexes should be sexualized as often as possible. I like seeing attractive people doing attractive things and wearing very little clothing while doing it. There's nothing wrong with that. What's wrong is when the person being sexualized is no longer being treated as a 'person' but as a collection of parts - in the case of Catwoman as a bust and a butt. 

The two big superhero comic companies just keep letting me down.