JJ Abrams About To Enter MUNICH Segment Of Aping Spielberg’s Career

He's done his Amblin movie, now he's going to do his Tough Jews Period Piece!

JJ Abrams' Bad Robot has picked up another script for its continuing collaboration with Paramount Pictures. This time it's a well-regarded spec  called Wunderkind, and it's about Nazi hunters in the 70s. One is an older guy, a tough Mossad agent from Israel (I guess all Mossad agents are from Israel, huh?) and the other a young guy who works for the CIA (should I mention he's American?). They team up reluctantly, probably to kill Nazis.

The script is by Patrick Aison, who has been on something of a tear lately. His scifi script Echo Station is being made by the Spierig Brothers. He has a sports script in development as well. 

Nobody knows if Abrams will actually direct this one, but it sounds like something that could be up his alley. It also sounds like somebody finally decided to tap into that Nazi-hunting cool from the first act of X-Men: First Class

Speaking of Nazi Hunters, check out the website of Alan Stoob, Britain's premiere self-employed Nazi hunter.