Los Angeles: A PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE Tribute Concert… With Paul Williams!

The Cinefamily is hosting THE must-attend event of the weekend.

You love Paul Williams, even if you don't realize it. After all, he wrote the classic and eternal songs in The Muppet Movie. But if you're a true pop culture connoisseur, you know him from his many other great works, including Phantom of the Paradise. That's Brian DePalma's mind-bogglingly good rock musical, where Williams - who wrote the music - plays the evil record exec Swan. Both of these films are playing at the Cinefamily in LA this week, which is normally reason enough to rejoice.

But wait! There's more! The Cinefamily is also doing a special Night With Paul Williams to celebrate the release of the new doc, Paul Williams: Still Alive. First up there's a lengthy, relaxed Q&A between Williams and doc director Steve Kessler, and featuring a ton of archival footage. It'll be like Inside The Actor's Studio, but not ridiculous. 

After that the theater is throwing a Phantom of the Paradise tribute concert! While Paul isn't on the list to sing right now, I have high hopes that he'll belt out one or two songs from the wonderful soundtrack. 

This is going to be a stunningly good night. It's this Saturday, June 16th, with the Q&A at 6 and the concert at 8:30. Buy tickets to these events by clicking here. I'll be wearing my Death Records shirt, like a real big nerd!