Henry Hill’s Death Means It’s Finally Time To Buy That GOODFELLAS Painting

One dog goes one way and the other goes the other. And this guy's saying, "Whaddya want from me?"

Henry Hill died yesterday at the age of 69, felled not by a bullet for breaking omerta but by his own body for smoking too much. Hill is one of the great 20th century characters, a mobster from Brooklyn* who helped pull the great Lufthansa heist, got into trouble, ratted to the feds, wrote a book and was eventually enshrined on film in Goodfellas. Which is probably the best mob movie ever made**.

Now that he has died it's time to consider your Goodfellas-inspired home decor. It's time to honor Henry Hill the way he would have liked to be honored: by buying a $180 oil painting replica of the painting featured in the movie. That famous painting truly embodies a good Italian's love for his mother - it was painted by Hill's mom in real life and in the movie is presented by a character played by Scorsese's mom. 

This isn't just a print - it's an oil painting on canvass. Or at least so claims the website from which you can order it. That makes it a true collectible and a great conversation piece. Finally, the ultimate item for your walls.

Click here to order.

* he's from the same shitty neighborhood as the Faracis.

** I feel like classifying The Godfather movies as just mob films is reductive.