Somebody Bends Backwards In The Trailer For SINISTER

The Ethan Hawke (literally, not style-wise) found footage horror movie that excited SXSW gets a trailer.

There's a rule in supernatural horror movies: somebody gotta bend over backwards in them. It's the law. I guess this started in The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen (which I literally forget exists all the time. I even forgot that we ran an article about it a month ago), but it gained modern popularity in The Exorcism of Emily Rose - which was directed by the same guy who did Sinister, the trailer for which is above. (I'm hearing it was originally done in Ken Russell's The Devils, but I haven't seen the movie in decades and Warner Bros is steadfast against releasing it on home video for some reason)

Anyway, somebody bends over backwards in this trailer, which seems to hit most of the effective horror trailer beats. The movie played at SXSW to some strong buzz, and a friend who saw it there tells me that the trailer kind of blows it by revealing the monster again and again. 

This is going to be Lionsgate/Summit's big Halloween release, taking the Saw spot. Could this be their next annual franchise?