Thank You Hater - A Song For Internet Trolls

YouTube comments are the third worst place in the universe (just behind Newt Gingrich's bedroom and IMDB comments). Here's how one YouTuber deals with it.

I've gotten a lot of internet hate in my time. I've gotten death threats - plausible and otherwise - I've gotten nasty comments, I've gotten sneering nastiness. But none of it really compares to the extraordinarily vile shit that gets plastered in the comments on YouTube. I mean, it's like an unplugged sewer of hate - sexism, homophobia, racism, general misanthropy. It makes the Ain't It Cool talkbacks look like a Parisian salon of the 17th century. 

This video is a very funny, very well-done response to those trolls. It's filled with what I suppose are big time UK YouTube people (there's a whole alternate culture on YouTube, filled with people you've never heard of who have millions of followers) reading off some of the best comments they've had. It's also quite a catchy tune.