The Only Movie Worth Seeing This Weekend: Nacho Vigalondo’s EXTRATERRESTRIAL

The Fantastic Fest favorite hits VOD this weekend. Watch it!

Nacho Vigalondo's first film, TimeCrimes, was a twisty turny oddball time travel film. His follow-up, Extraterrestrial, couldn't be more different. And that's why I love the guy as a filmmaker - as his copious short films prove the only thing will define him will be his imaginative fearlessness.

Extraterrestrial is exactly the kind of science fiction movie that interests me these days. Strange alien ships appear over major world cities in the film, but Nacho isn't making a movie about an alien invasion. He's making a movie where the alien invasion is a barely glimpsed backdrop against which comedy and human relationships are set. 

From my review at Fantastic Fest:

Extraterrestrial isn’t much of an alien invasion movie, but it’s a wonderful movie about people. The UFO operates as a metaphor for the one night stand that sparks everything else - ever present, ever looming, distorting and disrupting the rest of everyday life. Those expecting a TimeCrimes-like bit of clockwork trickery will be disappointed, but if you come to Extraterrestrial expecting warmth, humor and emotional honesty, you’ll be hugely satisfied.

Extraterrestrial is now available on VOD services, and you should check it out as soon as possible.