Film Crit Hulk Smash The Indoor Kids And Video Game OCD!

Our delightful green thinker guested on the Indoor Kids video game podcast. You should listen.

Film Crit Hulk is too busy dealing with The Leader today, so I bring you a link to his latest appearance on the Indoor Kids podcast. The Indoor Kids is a great, great, great video game show hosted by our friends Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon, and this marks Hulk's third appearance. I'm jealous, because I'm only at two appearances! 

This time Hulk and the Indoor Kids talk about OCD moments in video games - ie, those games that make you want to collect every item, unlock every character, get every possible ending. But there's more! Since Emily and Kumail have Hulk around, they talk quite a bit about Prometheus as well - which Kumail hated.

Like every episode of The Indoor Kids, it's a good listen. Click here to do just that!