Hans Zimmer Providing SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL Score

What does this tell us about who wields the power on the movie?

When Christopher Nolan was announced to be producer on Zack Snyder's Superman: The Man of Steel, I assumed it would be a largely honorary title. Something to assure the fanboys that this film was being taken seriously, to let them know that Snyder's vivid, visceral, exciting filmmaking would have a good dose of saltpeter applied. He has story credit on the movie, but who knows what that even means, when you get down to it.

But the fact that Hans Zimmer will be doing the score for the movie indicates to me that Nolan is really making some decisions on this movie. This will be the first live action Zack Snyder movie without a Tyler Bates score, and this will be the fourth Nolan movie in a row with a Zimmer score. Nolan has worked with Zimmer on the Batman movies, as well as Inception, while everything else has been David Julyan. It's almost like Zimmer is Nolan's 'blockbuster' guy.

I actually like the Zimmer scores for The Dark Knight and Inception, so I'm not totally averse to this. I don't know that either of those make me think Zimmer can do a scoring Superman theme, but I'll wait and see.

At this point I'm more curious about Man of Steel than The Dark Knight Rises. I feel fairly confident I know what I'll be getting in Nolan's final Batfilm, but what the hell is this Superman movie going to be like? It's the thing I'm most looking forward to at Comic Con - assuming something plays there.