Our Daily Trailer: ANNIE

With BRAVE opening this weekend we thought we'd look back at another cinematic ginger: Little Orphan Annie.

Annie (1982) (Theatrical Trailer) by NakedBrotha2007

I want Annie to be so much better than it is. I love the music, I love Albert Finney as a fierce and roaring Daddy Warbucks, I love Carol Burnett. I love Punjab A LOT. But the film, directed by the great John Huston, is kind of a thudding bore. I recently rewatched it on TMC (the only place you can see the film correctly - the DVD version is crap) and was hugely disappointed by it. 

Still! Little Orphan Annie is one of the great gingers of all time, and if you can get through a lot of the airless stuff in Annie you'll find the bare bones of the original blockbuster musical that still speaks to young women everywhere. And of course, Punjab.

I'm curious about the general consensus on Annie - are some of you fans, having grown up on TV showings? Or is Annie really only for the hardcore Broadway crowd willing to overlook the film's flaws?