Pulp It Up: Scifi Movie Classics As Pulp Novels

Gorgeous fake book covers for pulp versions of three classic films.

Tim Anderson's trio of pulp-ed science fiction movies gets it exactly right. Anderson understands the different design aesthetics each of these films deserves, and he has picked perfect taglines for the covers. Alien gets presented as a woman-in-peril horror novel while The Matrix gets a wonderful scifi tagline: "They're Killing Machines Designed For One Thing: SEARCH AND DESTROY!". And Blade Runner, which comes from a book itself, gets the serial mystery treatment. The tagline on the cover - so evocative in the movie - calls up a different kind of femme fatale feeling in print (and I like the price reflecting the release year on that one and Alien!).

I love these. Anderson seems to really understand the things he's mashing up, and this doesn't feel like a random 'kewl' crossover. For more of his work, click here.