Filmmaking Frenzy Semi-Finals: Vote For The Badass President!

Obama says "I want YOU to vote for the winner of the Badass-in-Chief Frenzy!" See all submissions within.

We have reached the end of our submission period for the Commander-in-Chief: Ultimate Badass Filmmaking Frenzy competition! We ended up with 63 badass submissions, because you guys are pretty much the greatest. A reminder of the rules: 

Competitors chose a U.S. president and one of our alternative occupations, then made a movie trailer based on that idea. Now it's your turn to vote on the best videos of the bunch by clicking "like" on the trailer's page where it says "Vote with a like!" Audience votes will heavily influence the top five finalists, but the ultimate winners will be selected by the Badass Digest editorial staff and our very special guest judge, Seth Grahame-Smith! Grahame-Smith is the author and screenwriter of the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, as well as Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesDark Shadows and a bunch of other great stuff, so he's obviously the perfect judge for this competition. 

The grand prize winner will receive a Sony HVR-A1U 1080i, a $2,750 camera, as well as Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 editing software. The runner-ups will receive a Sony Bloggie recorder, all thanks to our partners at Sony 4K. And all runners-up, as well any other submission we deem worthy, will play on the big screen as part of the pre-show before Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter at every single Alamo Drafthouse theater! 

Now, on to the trailers! (Presented in order of submission.) To view the video, click on the image. Don't forget to vote for your faves!

Thomas Jefferson: Indie Rock Hipster by Kaelyn Moore. Lewis and Clark and TJ and a journal. 

JFK: Getaway Driver by Benjmain Jarvis, Erika Laffin, Vi Do & Riannon Rowley. Money, women, power. He has it all, and it just isn't enough.

JFK: Private Eye by Yiannys Degermentzidis. This country may need a savior, but what they'll get is a dick.

Martin Van Buren: Getaway Driver by Chris Daly. He may have been a bastard, a cheat and an alcoholic, but he was fast.

Thomas Jefferson: Drug Kingpin by Paul Zakrzewski. Sometimes even the greatest men have a history shrouded in mystery.

JFK II: Back to Bustin' by Shannon Cromer. Ich bin ein Ghostbuster.

Richard Nixon: Dog Whisperer by Bryan VanCampen. What exactly did that eighteen and a half minute gap in the White House tapes reveal?

FDR: Herald of C'thulu by Kevin Clang. Made using all public domain footage. 

Nixon vs. ComicCon by Kellie Penna. Nixon cosplays as Loki. 

Chester A. Arthur: Sasquatch Trainer by Mark Blitch. This summer, Bet on Chet.

Calvin Coolidge: Failed Standup Comic by Rob Neilson. No one remembers his name, but by 11:30 tomorrow, everyone will know he's a star.

John Tyler: Getaway Driver by John C. Bradley & Richard Cline. Training montage!

Andrew Jackson: Barbarian by Jon C. Forisha & Andrew Ford. He is a creature of brute force with noble purpose.

Theodore Roosevelt: Shark Hunter by E. Hicks. He's gonna need a bigger stick.

Grover Cleveland: Stand-Up Comedian by Trey Huguley. A lone man has found a way to keep one foot in the political arena and the other firmly planted in his mouth. 

Martin Van Buren: Archaeological Adventurer by Chris Daly. There's a darkness coming, coming across this great land. 

Gerald Ford: Bank Robber by Joel Pavliska and Ian Kuplack. Being a klutz is not going to stop him.

Thomas Jefferson: Break The Bank by Brett Roberts. Bill S. Preston, Esq. and "Ted" Theodore Logan meet Thomas Jefferson. Bank robbing ensues.

JFK: Ninja Assassin by Danny Cameron, Woody Harrison. He has a rendezvous with death. 

Rutherford B. Hayes: Drug Kingpin by Bobby Merkle. After his presidency ended, Rutherford B. Hayes became...RUTHLESS.

William Henry Harrison: Cockfighter by Sean Daigle. Little known to American history scholars, the cause of William Henry Harrison's death...was a cock.

Dick Cheney: Cock Fighter by Matt Oglesby and Rob Kovach. On July 21, 2007, Dick Cheney served as Commander-in-Chief for two hours while President Bush was undergoing a colonoscopy.

Richard Nixon: Cockfighter by Billy Driver. The other kind of cock.

George Washington: Wasteland Warlord by Alessandro Mapelli. Welcome to the colonies, motherfucker.

The Original Presidents of Comedy by Timothy Bond, Michael Charron. Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt - with special guest star Ben Franklin!

FDR: Urban Vigilante by Larry Reclusado. Americans will never know how hard FDR worked to protect us before he became our 32nd President.

TEDDY (Theodore Roosevelt: Stand-Up Comedian) by Taylor James Johnson. Time Magazine calls him "the only President with a mustache worth remembering."

Calvin Coolidge: Original Gangster by Jon & Cristina Levy. One man, one president, will make the nation regret...the 18th amendment. 

Thomas Jefferson: Demon Knight by Mario Restive. After the colonists slipped away from King George's grasp, he turned to the unknown to reclaim his kingdom.

Robo Reagan: Urban Vigilante by John Newton. Reagan was the only man capable of defeating the evil New World Order, and now we must resurrect Robo Reagan. 

TAFT! - Urban Vigilante by Aaron B Koontz. It's time for one young prosecutor to take the fight out of the courtroom and into the streets.

Bill Clinton: All-Star Gigolo by Joel Futral. He did have sexual relations with that woman, and with so many others.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: Ninja Assassin by Matt Sanders. Before Eleanor, before the wheelchair, what he vows to love...they vow to kill. 

Grover Cleveland: All Star Gigolo by John Norris. You know who he is. He knows who you are. And he knows what you want. 

Frank Pierce: Private Eye by Courtney Hazlett & Brian Losoya. Pierce investigates the case of the pesky Missouri Compromise.

J.F.K: Dinosaur Wrangler by Daniel Grisak, Kevin Williamson. Ask not what a dinosaur can do to you. Ask what you can a dinosaur.

Franklin Pierce: Herald of C'thulhu by N. Bozen. He was our nation's worst President, but no one knows how bad he really was.

Theodore Roosevelt: Witch Finder by Korey Pereira. Ol' TR replaces McKinley in the White House after he is murdered by witches.

Tricky Dick by Ben Edelstein. The tougher it gets, the cooler he gets.

Andrew Jack-san: Ninja Assassin by Josh Garrett. The British killed his family. They tried to kill him...TRIED.

Bill Clinton : Witch Finder by Jim and Them. Suit up, Slick Willy, you big swingin' dick! We got work to do.

Richard Nixon: Ace Cockfighter by Javier Garcia. In Mexico 1938, the tequila flows like lava, and he's got the trickiest dick in town.

John F. Kennedy: Urban Vigilante by Trevor Duhon. A man who always believed in taking the high road lost his brother, and then...

Taft: Wasteland Warlord by Paul Beck. Genetically modified mutations, reanimation...TAFT.

Bill Clinton: Cock Fighter by Heather Lefebvre. There's only so much peace one man can take.

Ulysses S. Grant: All Star Gigolo by The Straight Guys. Grant uses his manly wiles to infiltrate The Klan.

George W. Bush: Cockfighter by Eric Ysasi and Sean Balusek. In our nation's greatest time of need, a hero does some stuff for, like, freedom.

James Madison: Ninja Assassin by Stan Williams. 4th President of the United States, Father of the Constitution, and Ninja Assassin. 

Ulysses S. Grant: Rodeo Clown by Emily Hampton. After the war, he thought his new job would be easy...

Teddy Roosevelt: Private Eye by Shawn Bell & Miranda Petrosky. With his young wife murdered, TR turns to the life of a private dick.

JFK: Indie Rock Hipster by Cal Hurd, Calder deVarga, and Kirian O'Madden. In history there have been men, there have been great men, and there have been obscurely great men.

TEDATOR - Teddy Roosevelt: Alien Infiltrator by Stuart McSpadden. It takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose. 

There Wood Be Blood (Rutherford B. Hayes: Psycho Lumberjack) by Jacob Burris and Iris Dimmick. He drinks your milkshake.

George W. Bush: Herald of C’thulu by Mark Mandel, Ann Kennedy. An ancient call to which he gives the ancient answer.

Grover Cleveland: Dinosaur Wrangler by Shannon Ellery Hubbell. They don't need him in the Oval Office...they need him doing what he does best.

Jimmy Carter: Demon Knight by Mitch Mekulsia. Demonic forces have infiltrated all levels of our government. It's up to Jimmy Carter: Demon Knight to stop them.

John Quincy Adams: Mad Scientist by Taunie Reddington. He used science and dark forces to raise his love from the dead. 

William "Skinny Boy" Taft: Standup Comedian by Keith Neuendorff. The story of one man's long journey to make people laugh. 

Barack Obama: Urban Vigilante by Griffin Chambers. It's time to paint the town red, black and blue. 

FDR: Crime Crippler by Sage Stone. Franklin Delano Roosevelt lost the use of his legs through some urban vigilantism. 

FDR/JFK: KAIJU KILLERS! by Mauriece Jacks, Jr. At the dawn of the atomic age, a desperate Germany unleashes its ultimate weapon...

DECLARATOR by Andrew McGuire. He's the best archaeologist they've got!

Franklin Pierce: Disco Star by Riannon Rowley, Stacy Besco, and Jason Angoy. Pierce has got moves

So what are your favorites? Speak up in the comments! And remember that you have until 5pm CST Thursday, June 21 to vote!