New DARK KNIGHT RISES Trailer Phones It In

Almost literally! It's a Nokia exclusive, for some reason.

I don't know why this The Dark Knight Rises trailer is a Nokia exclusive - Batman did all his phone phreaking in the last movie! - but it's pretty good. In fact I'd say it's the best trailer yet; while it doesn't seem to have all that much new footage, it recuts the existing footage into something intriguing and exciting. Something less ponderous, in fact - previous trailers had a sense of self-importance, while this one has a sense of being energetic and thrilling. 

You guys have yelled at me for this in the past, but I remain surprised that none of the marketing explains who the hell Bane is. A lot of the marketing for The Dark Knight Rises is predicated on the idea 'You know you're going to see this, let me just convince you to see it opening weekend' and I guess within that framework no further explication is necessary. And please, don't explain how a frame by frame analysis of the materials reveals something - I'm talking about the average moviegoer's understanding of Bane, not your frightening obsession with this franchise.

Thanks to @hankkingsley0