Red Band V/H/S Trailer Is Bloody Good, Spoilery

The found footage anthology gets a highly effective trailer.

If you don't like found footage movies, turn away now! V/H/S is a found footage anthology, weaving together a group of short horror stories each told in the wildly popular format. The film features entries from the likes of Ti West, Joe Swanberg, Adam Wingard, Glenn McQuaid and more. It premiered at Sundance to rapturous reviews and has been playing the festival circuit since then, racking up raves and incidents of people passing out in the aisles. Normally I think these things are phony, but I know the producers and I can tell you they're not engineering these events.

The movie is hitting VOD in August and then comes to theaters in October. The trailer above is really excellent - sells the hell out of the movie - but it is super spoilery, so beware of watching it. The good news is that because this is an anthology you may not always be able to tell which spoilers are for which segments.

Here's my mixed review from Sundance.