The Second Teaser For Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER Is Here!

The next sneaky tease for PTA's 65mm, sorta Scientology movie has popped up on YouTube.

If you didn't like the first trailer for The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film, you probably won't like the new one either. But there's always Rock of Ages to keep you satisfied; the rest of us will be drooling over the images and hints on display here.

This second teaser pulls back a bit; where the first focused completely on Joaquin Phoenix, this new one gives us glimpses (and the voices of) Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lancaser Dodd and Amy Adams as Mary Sue Dodd. It still doesn't give us a real picture of what to expect, but I'm excited nonetheless. I love the unique way PTA is revealing this film, eschewing stupid Yahoo! placements or Entertainment Tonight sneak peeks at clips of the trailers. 

The Master opens October 12th.