Wes Anderson Directs A Funny Or Die MOONRISE KINGDOM Tie-In

Cousin Ben shows the movie to a bunch of Khaki Scouts.

This Funny or Die video isn't particularly revelatory, but I like the way it puts me right back into the lovely world of Moonrise Kingdom. Wes Anderson's latest film is easily one of the best movies of the year, and I welcome any chance to get back into it, like a warm and worn coat. 

The video has Cousin Ben, Jason Schwartzman's character, showing Moonrise Kingdom to a troop of Khaki Scouts. Again, nothing that will change your mind about Anderson or the movie, but it's lovely. And by the way - while Cousin Ben doesn't know why the film is called Moonrise Kingdom, it is explained in the movie. Don't let it be spoiled for you.

The image on the main page (from the poster below) is by Peter Strain, who is selling prints in his Etsy shop for a couple dollars more than I'm willing to spend. Great image though!