Mondo’s Awesome, Familiar Poster For THE THING

The Summer of 82 continues! This week it's THE THING, and Mondo has an incredible poster for attendees.

As if seeing The Thing projected in gorgeous 35mm at the Alamo Drafthouse wasn't cool enough, Mondo has stepped up with what might be their most intriguing poster ever. The collectible company already did a poster for the film, but this one is different:

It's Drew Struzan's original art for the original movie poster, unencumbered with any text or logos. It's just the gorgeous image. The screenprinted, multi-colorposter will be 26" x 38", with the regular edition of 440 costing $250 and the variant (glows in the dark) of 150 for $350. The poster will be available first to people who attend the screening of The Thing on Friday, and whatever copies remain will go online after. 

If you're attending the show, Mondo has instructions on how to secure the poster. Read them!

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