Hi, ANNA KARENINA Trailer. Here Are All The Oscars

Joe Wright's reteaming with Keira Knightley looks to be the most gorgeous movie of the year.

I'm not feeling Summer 2012. I'm pretty much done with the superheroes and the explosions for this year. I'm sure there will still be a couple of good movies in that vein between now and September, but I'm already looking forward to Toronto and the beginning of awards season. I'm looking forward to the real movies. i've had enough fluff.

One of the real movies that most excites me is Joe Wright's adaptation of Anna Karenina, Tolstoy's classic novel about a woman with train trouble. The first trailer is here and it's sumptuous and gorgeous and exciting and sensuous. We're not really in the Oscar game at BAD, but you have to be crazy to think this one won't rack up technical and craft nominations up the wazoo - and if Wright has made this movie as deeply emotional as Atonement, the big Oscars aren't out of the question at all.

I also like the poster, which has a stylized look to it with the giant AK in the background. Oscar bait isn't stodgy anymore!