James Gunn Fights For Integrity In A World Of Suits

He defends his artistic right to name his song "That Gay Fucking Cat" in the next Farrelly Brothers flick.

James Gunn (director of two righteous fucking movies, Slither and Super) seems like he'd be kind of a delightful pain in the ass to work with. He's currently in post-production on "Beezel," a segment he directed for the Farrelly Brothers' upcoming Movie 43. He worked with Tyler Bates (composer of Killer Joe300, all of Gunn's movies and a bunch of others) to write a song for his segment titled "That Gay Fucking Cat." And then he received an e-mail from the movie's music department which inspired him to screw with poor beleaguered Jess for two full weeks.

To this e-mail, he received a "terse response" from Jess' supervisor who summarily informed him that the song's title had been changed to "The Cat Song." 

Check out Gunn's blog linked below - it's always good for a laugh and a revealing glimpse at Hollywood bullshit.