New MASS EFFECT 3 Endings Unlikely To Make Complainers Happy

The three extended and one new ending for MASS EFFECT 3 are out on YouTube, and I somehow doubt they'll mollify the complaints.

When Mass Effect 3 came out a certain segment of gamers shit their pants and then hurled that shit right at their computer monitors. People were PISSED OFF at the ending of the game, which I actually thought was borderline brilliant. BioWare listened to the complaints and created extended endings - more or less extended epilogues - for the three existing choices. And they added a FOURTH choice - basically to do nothing - in response to all the complainers who felt that taking action at the end of the story was somehow antithetical to their playthrough.

The new ending is the most interesting, because it is essentially BioWare rubbing your nose into the fact that you made THE ABSOLUTE WRONG CHOICE. Here it is:

This is where the new chorus of complaints will likely begin; the three extended endings are essentially the same thing with different voice overs. I think the voice overs make each of them quite different - the Control ending has an especially chilling quality to it - but the complainers want some impossible-to-achieve level of diversity at the end of the game. This will not satisfy them.

It's quite possible that the reason why all of these endings look so similar is because they all came from the same save; your different saves might unlock different still images. 

Here's Synthesis, which seems the most different, backing up my belief that this is the intended ending:

Here's Destroy, which feels very generic:

And here's Control, which to me has tinges of fascism creeping in at the edges. Lots of 'I' and 'me,' not a lot of 'we.'